UK banking with bad credit

Finding Bad Credit Bank Accounts

Finding Bad Credit Bank Accounts.

Many things can happen when you find yourself with poor credit. Sometimes you can find some institutions which will still extend credit, other times you cannot find any credit extensions at all. Many think that bank accounts and savings accounts are somehow linked to their lines of credit. This is not usually the case either. Just about the only time you may find yourself denied a checking or savings account is if you actually owe a financial institution money on one. This can happen if an account that has overdraft protection is allowed to slip on into the negative. This would mean that you actually owe the bank money. Sometimes you may not even realize that the money is owed and therefore you don’t pay them back. This negative balance can make it next to impossible to open up another account with a different institution.

You may be able to go out and get a savings account if you are looking for bank accounts for bad credit, but that is even something that is not happening very often. This is because of the new laws in regards to homeland security measures. Most banks would not do a Chex System report on someone who only wants a savings account. Due to the new laws, they have to do this for everyone. If you owe, you may not even have access to a savings account.

In order to open up new accounts, you will have to repay what you owe. Even then, you may not find all the bad accounts that you owe on until you go apply for a new account. However, once you have paid these debts back, then you can apply for new accounts. Savings accounts are usually the first to be opened to you. While they are not as easy to use as checking accounts, you can still receive an ATM card and withdraw needed funds from an ATM machine or bank teller.

If you pay our debt and a bank refuses to give you bad credit bank accounts right away, they may do so after a certain period of time. This may be anywhere from six months to a year. They do this for their own protection, and to give you time to get your financial status in a better place. You may find some banks that will give you bad credit bank accounts right away, but you may have to try a few different banks before you find one. You may also want to look around online for policy, and even some banks that are online exclusively, and made for people who are looking for a second chance.